Episode 068 — Noble Rot and Our Favorite Movies

Gabe and Jeff go to the movies in this episode, discussing some of their favorite moments in the medium while sipping a fine Dogfish Head Noble Rot.

Noble Rot (Oak Aged) by Dogfish Head Brewing Company


Blade Runner
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Big Lebowski
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Groundhog Day on iTunes
Heavy Metal
Guardians of the Galaxy
Moonrise Kingdom
The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Miyazaki's Spirited Away [Blu-ray]
The Art of Spirited Away

Episode 067 — Ginger Big Eye and Free Time

What do you do with your free time? If you are Gabe or Jeff, you drink beer.

But obviously there are likely more things to do besides just drink beer so, in this episode, Jeff and Gabe go into what they do to fill in the time between work and sleep.

They have this discussion while sipping a strange brew by Ballast Point called Ginger Big Eye (sent from another fantastic listener).

Ginger Big Eye by Ballast Point Brewing


Episode 066 — Julius and Even More Task Management

Gabe and Jeff add to their evergreen discussion about what it takes to tackle task management these days. In what amounts to a "part two" of their discussion of 2Do and Taskpaper, this touches on some of the topics missed in the first go around as well as gives them to chance to drink a fantastic IPA sent in from a listener, fellow beer aficionado and TapCellar user (he has very good taste).

The Tree House Brewing Julius proves to be one hell of a tasty beer and one of the best IPAs around.

Julius by Tree House Brewing


NOD Episode 60: 2Do and Agave IPA

2Do for iOS (App Store)

2Do for Mac (App Store)

Taskmator for iOS (App Store)

TaskPaper for Mac

Omnifocus for iOS (App Store)

Omnifocus for Mac (App Store)

Episode 064 — Imperial Biscotti Break Natale and Browsers

Gabe and Jeff discuss the window to the Internet - the browser. Browsers are often overlooked when we think about our computer and yet for some (like my mother) the browser is the internet. Gabe talks about his iOS browser tips and tricks and they both profess their undying love for Pinboard.

Pervading the discussion is the rich chocolate and cherry smells of Evil Twin Brewing’s Imperial Biscotti Break Natale, a great beer which you can look up information about in your browser using the links below.

Imperial Biscotti Break Natale by Evil Twin Brewery


Episode 062 — Core Brewing and Having Friends

Gabe and Jeff discuss the value of having friends. When you're an old guy, finding friends can be a hard thing to do so the hosts talk about having friends, keeping friends, meeting friends and discovering friends in unlikely places.

They drink some beer sent to them by a friendly listener who thought they should sample the offerings of Core Brewing from Arkansas. One thing was made clear -- sharing beer is one of the best things about having friends.

Easy Livin' IPA and Oatmeal Stout by Core Brewing Company

Easy Livin' IPA

Oatmeal Stout

Episode 065 — Single Shot and Year End Reviews

The year has ended. A new year is well underway. While it is handy to look back on how things went, it is just as helpful to have things set up for the months ahead. Year-end reviews are common in the workplace but does it make sense to do it at home too?

Gabe and Jeff take a stab at talking about how they wrap up their year as well as how they document things to make the task of remembering the year easier. This gains importance as you become a forgetful old man sipping on a Single Shot by Tree House Brewing sent from an excellent patron of the podcast.

Single Shot by Tree House Brewing


Episode 061 — ReDANKulous and Moving On

Gabe and Jeff talk about moving on. It is a wide-ranging topic that started as a small, unassuming conversation about moving to a new neighborhood but fragmented into the concept of moving on with all of the things in your life.

Gabe needed to move on to a new mic before the podcast started due to weird noises so the duo ended up dealing with weird technical issues for the entire conversation. It didn't dim their enthusiasm for Founders Brewing's ReDANKulous, however.

Close your eyes, sip your delicious red ale and pretend they are broadcasting from the moon.

ReDANKulous by Founders Brewing Company


Episode 060 — Agave IPA and 2Do

When Gabe and Jeff get started talking about task management, especially when they are enthusiastic about an app like 2Do, they can go on for days. This podcast is almost a day long but has a lot of task management goodness in it. The conversation is about the advantages of using plain text task management, some commentary on the direction and focus of OmniFocus and how they have embraced 2Do to varying degrees.

They tackle the task of drinking Victory's new Blackboard Series beer, Agave IPA. A little grapefruit number that turned out to be surprisingly refreshing.

Agave IPA - Blackboard Series #1 by Victory Brewing Company


Episode 057 - Perpetual and YNAB 5

Gabe and Jeff discuss the new version of You Need a Budget (YNAB) which released recently to mixed reviews. Going from a solid, stable, standalone app with Dropbox integration (the holy grail for nerds like these guys), it has pivoted to a web app with all of the pitfalls of that methodology.

They discuss Jeff's experiences with the app and cry into their suds while bemoaning how one of their favorite pieces of software has changed in all of the wrong ways.


NOD Episode 19: Money Management

Some alternative Mac software that is not a web services:




iBank 5

Perpetual IPA by Tröegs Brewing Company


Episode 056 — Backwoods Bastard and Calculators

In this week's episode Jeff and Gabe nerd out over calculators with one of their favorite beers.



Episode 055 — Wisconsin BYOB and When the Shit Hits the Fan

Gabe and Jeff talk about what happens when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan. They delve into how they deal with problems arise that arise with work, life, computers, family and how they keep things from flying apart.

Bitter Woman by Tyranena Brewing Company


Hopalicious by Ale Asylum


Episode 054 — Hopotologist DIPA and Gifts for Nerds

With the holiday season upon us, Gabe and Jeff serve up a massive show with nerd shopping recommendations and wish lists. Extensive show notes form a shopping list for the nerd in your life with some other stuff that non-nerds might even find interesting (no promises, though!).

To help ease the pain of spending money, the drink one of the best beers money can buy, Hoptologist DIPA by Knee Deep Brewing.

Hoptologist DIPA by Knee Deep Brewing




What If?


  • $14

The De-Textbook


  • $15

12 Bottle Bar book

The Quantum and the Lotus


Carhartt Arctic Yukon Jacket


  • $100
  • Waterproof
  • Super warm
  • Inexpensive

Computer Nerd

Logitech MX Master Mouse


  • $82
  • Pair with Better Touch Tool for Mac

Akiko Origami iPhone 6 Plus Case


  • $12

E-cloth Cleaning Pack


  • $15
  • Large Size
  • For car, desk, bag

iOttie 2 Car mount for iPhone 6 Plus


  • $20

Field notes wallet


  • $86

Fisher Space Pen X-750


  • $25
  • Rubber grip
  • Chrome
  • Slightly longer and heavier than traditional

CURB Laptop Stand


  • $6.50

Hellbrand Leather


Audible Membership


Amazon Prime Membership


  • $100
  • 1 year



Vitamix Blender

Pappy’s Moonshine Madness Hot Barbecue Sauce


  • $10
  • You’ve been warned
  • Seriously, this stuff is hot

Anova Immersion Cooker for Sous Vide


  • $165
  • I never use the Bluetooth

Instant Pot Cooker


  • $100-$200
  • 1000 watts!!!

Thermos Stainless Steel King


  • $27
  • Threads and seal on inside so less chance of leaking
  • Folding spoon

Teavana Braville Electric Kettle


  • $150
  • Evenly heats water
  • Excellent pour spout
  • Variable temperature controls
  • Keep-warm mode

Cookina Reusable Cooking Sheet


  • $13
  • Better than foil
  • Oven and grill

T-fal Nonstick Non-stick Pan


  • $20
  • 12” and 9” Pans
  • Color Code the size for yourself


Light Sensitive Chicken Coop Door

Super Grip Flexible Cutting Mats

CLP Break-Free Oil


  • $7
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Good for knives too

Smiths knife sharpener


  • $20
  • Adjustable for blade angle
  • I mostly use the ceramic sharpener
  • Can easily give a new edge too

Kaboom toilet Cleaning System


Vornado Fan


  • $100
  • Small but very powerful fan

Cedar Oil


Husqvarna 350BT Leaf blower


  • $320
  • 50cc
  • 180MPH



  • $400
  • Get the model with 1/8th in jack

The Collected Works of Miyazaki Blu-ray


* $215

Amazon Exclusive

Apple TV

Episode 053 — 60 & 90-Minute IPA and the new Apple TV

In this episode, Gabe and Jeff discuss the features and benefits of the new Apple TV. The device has emerged as a very capable video streaming device combined with an interesting new controller that is far more capable than they expected it to be.

Siri, Plex and a decent number of launch apps add to the fact that the Apple TV seems to finally be living up to its promise of providing a way to watch varied content on demand.

Viewing is best enjoyed with beer so the hosts do some taste-testing with Dogfish Head 60 Minute and 90 Minute IPAs.

60 Minute by Dogfish Head Brewing Company


90 Minute by Dogfish Head Brewing Company


Episode 052 — Raspberry Tart and Market Dominance

Gabe and Jeff kick around the idea of how the domination of a market can change how we perceive it as well as what products we get stuck when when certain products "win" over others.

Conversations range from the battle for our televisions to how free apps mean the best app may not always win.

It ends up being a strangely wide-ranging topic enjoyed with a Raspberry Tart by New Glarus Brewing. (Thanks, Michael!)

Raspberry Tart by New Glarus Brewing


Episode 051 — BYOB and Negativity

Gabe and Jeff discuss the pervasiveness of negativity on the internet. How do you remain positive in a world where there are Youtube comments and a constant barrage of 140 character tirades on Twitter? Good question to explore while drinking BYOB style. Jeff brought his own Daisy Cutter by Half Acre Beer Company and Gabe poured a Quintaceratops by Brooklyn Brewing.

Daisy Cutter by Half Acre Beer Company


Quintaceratops by Brooklyn Brewing


Everyone you know will be able to rate you on the terrifying ‘Yelp for people’ — whether you want them to or not

Relevant Tweet

Episode 050 — X-9, TapCellar and the App Store

Gabe and Jeff go into the dirty details of what it is like to develop and release an app on the Apple App Store. They discuss all of the months of design, development and choices that went into their app, TapCellar.

They broaden the discussion to how the App Store changed since its inception and some of the challenges facing developers as time goes on. The conversation is tempered by the fact that they are drinking an excellent beer -- X-9 by Duclaw Brewing Company of Maryland.

X-9 by DuClaw Brewing Company



Episode 049 — Pumking and Digital Photography

Gabe and Jeff delve into the expensive world of digital SLR cameras and engage in a semi-factual discussion about how they use them and where their iPhone comes in to take over the job.

Since there is a chill in the air on the East Coast of the United States, they crack open an Imperial Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Company. Fighting through a deep disdain for most spiced Fall seasonals, they were both pleasantly surprised by how balanced and tasty Southern Tier's offering was.

Southern Tier Brewing Company's Pumking

Brewery Page

Show Notes

  • Bought a good camera for our wedding.
  • Saved money on a wedding photographer and spent it on a camera.
  • Some of my favorite photos
  • Bought a camera case for hiking

I love the photos it takes and I wish I used it a lot more. Always a barrier -- portability and extra stuff. Edc?

SLR / Digital Camera

Fujifilm x100s

Fuji x100s Review :: A Camera Walks Into A Bar

Fuji X100 User's Guide

Fuji X100S; Long Exposure

Strobist In-Depth Review: The New Fujifilm X100S

Newest Model (Fujifilm X100T) - Amazon Link

Olympus E-PL 5 on Amazon

Viewfinder for E-PL 5

Olympus OM-D E-10 on Amazon

DP Review of OM-D E-10


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Amazon Link

Carson Stuff-It Rag

Nikon Lens Pen

Joby Tripod for DSLRs

64 GB Extreme Pro SDXC Card

128 GB Extreme Pro SDXC Card

Camera case

Memory cards

Storage and mistakes in not editing

- Foundations of Photography: Exposure
- Lightroom 5 Essentials

iPhone Photography

  • 99% of my photography
  • Love the 6s photo quality
  • Photos seems to be working out but the lack of ability to control the space it takes up is a barrier


Episode 048 — Petrus and Supplemental Materials

How do you feel about "supplemental materials"? It sounds pretty vague at the outset but Gabe and Jeff go into detail about the things that describe the things they care about.

At work, home and play, they gather information in text and photography to prop up their waning memory and provide a way to go back to things that are important enough to track but not important enough to remember right away.

They take this sideways trip down memory lane while drinking one of Gabe's less-than-favorite beer styles -- the sour. Petrus was the target and it provided a memorable taste as a backdrop for a podcast about memory.

Petrus by Brouwerij De Brabandere