Episode 004 - A Dubbel, A Gruit and the Future of Paying for Things

In this episode, some afternoon drinking takes place and Gabe and Jeff have a wide-ranging talk about ApplePay, phones becoming the hub of your financial life, credit card fraud, 1Password being awesome and how Gabe's phone is just like his underwear.

The beers of the day are Dubbel Dimples by Idle Hands and Heather Ale by Amherst Brewing Company.  Both are beers from the Boston area sent down to Pennsylvania for Jeff to try and they proved to be interesting and unique.  The Heather Ale was Jeff's first exposure to hop-less beers (Scottish Gruit ales).  

Heather Ale

Amherst Brewing Company




Dubbel Dimples

Idle Hands Craft Ales