Episode 027 — Velvet Merlin and Heroes

Gabe and I return from last week's deep dive into task management with a more thoughtful (and rambling) topic: heroes. How does our society create and promote heroes? Are heroes really just people we admire and are we right for doing so? What purpose do heroes serve and what responsibility do we have to be a hero to people we know?

I listened to this podcast and felt like there were a lot of paths we could have taken and questions that were left unanswered but it serves to show that this is a bigger topic than we give it credit for.

We contemplate this jawn while sipping a Velvet Merlin by Firestone Walker -- a hearty porter that wasn't really my cup of tea but we still had a decent grade for it after tallying its pluses and minuses. My opinion of this beer is like my opinion of winter at this point -- the warmer the better.

Velvet Merlin by Firestone Walker