Episode 044 — Carnivale and Time Travel

As Jeff and Gabe get older, topics like "time travel" come up more and more. This week, they discuss science fiction in general but focus specifically on time travel and related not-yet-invented technologies.

Conversation ranges from books they read ages ago that built their interest in the genre to what their favorite types of science fiction are, why Dune is awesome and why they both had some big issues with "The Martian".

To get them in the mood, the sip a Carnivale by Lost Abbey.

Carnivale by The Lost Abbey


Peter Clines - The Fold
Peter Clines - 14
Kim Stanley Robinson
Andy Weir - The Martian
Frank Herbert - Dune
Philip K Dick - VALIS
Bruce Sterling - Schismatrix
Warren Ellis - Transmetropolitan
William Gibson - Pattern Recognition
John Harrison - Light