Episode 045 — Urthel Samaranth and Family Goals

Jeff's newfound appreciation for bikes has taken him interesting places this year. Recently an interesting place was the emergency room at a local hospital because he broke everything in an cycling accident last week.

This episode, recorded pre-crash, was a discussion about how goals affect us at all levels, from "What do I want to do this weekend?" to "Is owning a house such a good idea?". It is an adult topic that required an adult beer - Urthel Samaranth by De Leyerth Brouwerjien.

Between Jeff not being able to drink beer due to pain medication and both hosts having family vacations over the next few weeks, the podcast schedule might suffer a bit but stay tuned. There are a lot of good topics (and beers!) coming up.

Urthel Samaranth by De Leyerth Brouwerjien

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