Racers and Futurism (Part 2)

Gabe and Jeff talk about their old, broken bodies and how they plan on ushering in the future. Further talking about Apple Watches, how we might communicate with our technology down the road and how it might end up communicating with us.

They do this while drinking an beer by Bear Republic from Sonoma County in California. While they are both excellent beers, they drank different ones because planning is hard.

Racer X by Bear Republic

Beer Advocate

Racer 5 by Bear Republic


Show Notes


Wrist glucose detector

The God Makers Book

Subvocal Recognition

Puff and the Future (Part 1)


Jeff and Gabe return after a short haitus and talk about what the future holds. They discuss how they view technology, computers, devices and tech-news in the last few months and how the current climate of a quickly moving news cycle and often-repeated tech headlines have lead to boredom and malaise where tech is concerned.

They also sip a lovely Puff by SixPoint in the staggering heat.

** Edited to fix a click in the audio. Thanks Nate!



Hello Weather
Carrot Weather

Ella and Hobbies

After a bit of a break, Gabe and Jeff return drinking an Ella by Free Will Brewing in Perkasie PA and talk for a while about what they like to do when they're not working. Hobbies and other fun things to think about are the talk of the day while they sip a fine, boozy beer from the wilds of Pennsylvania.

Ella by Free Will Brewing


Change Agent by Daniel Suarez

Citrusinensis and Algorithms to Live By

While listeners might often think Gabe is an elaborate beer-tasting robot, this surprisingly isn't the case. That said, both he and Jeff are striving for better and more efficient ways to do things. When Gabe started reading a book called "Algorithms to Live By" he knew it might be a good way to combine two of his favorite things -- drinking beer and talking about nerd stuff so he told Jeff to give the book a read and here we are.

Citrusinensis by Lagunitas Brewing Company


Enjoy By 2-14-17 and A Social Media Travel Mode

Have you ever wanted to drink stale beer and talk about how Silicon Valley is letting us down? Gabe and Jeff did. The duo talk about how our social networks affect our privacy and what could be done to save us from ourselves. They discuss this grim topic while sipping an old Valentine's Day beer -- and IPA with chocolate and coffee added....

Enjoy by 2-14-2017 by Stone Brewing Company

Double Citrus and the Backfire Effect

Gabe and Jeff have their beliefs challenged this week. Not by the excellent and amazing Double Citrus (sent by super cool listener Nate), but by the "You Are Not So Smart" podcast discussing the Backfire Effect. They drink an excellent brew and discuss why it is so hard to change your mind.

Double Citrus by Funk Brewing





The Oatmeal

Kami 2 Game

What Scam Artists Can Teach Us

Green and Taking Notes

Gabe and Jeff sip a fantastic Green by Tree House Brewing sent from a lovely listener with exceptionally good taste and above average intelligence. While being carried away on the scent of hops, they discuss note-taking -- how they do it, why they do it and how they organize their notes so they can find things easily.



Critic Markup

Funk Citrus and iOS Apps

Jeff and Gabe are having a Nate-stravaganza. Today they are drinking Funk Citrus, sent to them by their friend Nate while talking about iOS apps they like. Apps are something they both talk to Nate about with great frequency so this episode really works from top-to-bottom and everybody's pretty excited about it, probably. I mean, nobody actually asked about being excited but it is safe to assume in this case.


Beer Advocate

TextTool 2 for iOS

Drafts for iOS

Workflow for iOS

Interact for iOS

Trifecta and Headphones

Gabe schools Jeff on his favorite headphones, from the fancy shmanzy ones to his new Apple Airpods. Yet another podcast in which Jeff is poorer by the end of it (because he bought some recommended technology or software described in the audio).

They discuss these technological wonders while sipping a Trifecta by Night Shift Brewing.

Trifecta by Night Shift Brewing Company


Sennheiser PX 200-II i

Beyerdynamic 770 Pro

Bose QC35

MicFlip 2.0

Sony MDRZX300/BLK Stereo Headphones

Sour Monkey and Follow Up

Everybody loves follow-up. Jeff and Gabe have covered a host of topics on the podcast over the last eighty-six episodes. Things are always changing and this week, the hosts review some of the changing topics of previous podcasts and discuss about how they do some things differently these days.

While they dig into their changing ways, they sip on a delightfully sour beer from Victory Brewing Company called "Sour Monkey".

Sour Monkey by Victory Brewing Company


Privacy and Consolation Prize

This week Jeff and Gabe are joined once again by the offical Nerds on Draft guest, Erik Hess. They talk about whether personal privacy is a fantasy and if there's any hope for keeping data secure.

Jeff and Gabe drink "Consolation Prize" from Lord Hobo brewing and Erik drinks a Dirty Bastard by Founders Brewing.

Consolation Prize by Lord Hobo

Consolation Prize — Untappd

Dirty Bastard by Founders

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fort Point and Language

Fort Point by Trillium Brewing

This week Jeff and Gabe try to talk about how language grows and changes, how the election cycle was ruled by linguistic strategies, and Steven Pinker's thoughts on reason. This episode deserved a great beer and they had one ready from Trillium Brewing.

Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker - Wikipedia

Steven Pinker - TED 2005

Steven Pinker - Big Think

Steven Pinker - Language, Reason, and the Future of Violence

Gaslighting - Wikipedia




Politically Correct

Safe Space









BYOB and Why The Future Sucks

The fatigue brought on by constant technological failures, bugs and bad ideas gets overwhelming sometimes. Gabe and Jeff tap into that frustration and discuss how broken things are. They chose their own separate beers for this show. Jeff poured himself a Sip of Sunshine by Lawson's Finest Liquids and Gabe reached for a 2014 Backwoods Bastard by Founder's Brewing.

Sip of Sunshine by Lawson's Finest Liquids

Beer Advocate

Backwoods Bastard By Founders Brewing Company

Beer Advocate

Show Notes

Neato vacbot
Hue bulbs
Nest alarm
Homer's inventions
Louis C.K. and Airplane WiFi

Saison Brett, iOS10 and iPhone7

Gabe and Jeff drink a lively Saison Brett from Boulevard Brewing while discussing new Apple gear and their shiny, new, sticker-laden mobile operating system.

Saison Brett 2016 by Boulevard Brewing Co


Tozo thin iPhone 7 Plus case

Weather Underground


Crisp Weather

Magic Launcher



Amazon App

Glock tape


DEVONthink to Go



Nebo review on Macstories

Blood Lust and the Death of TapCellar

Gabe and Jeff discuss the state of the App Store and how hard it is to sell an app like TapCellar or any app where money is involved. They "pour one out" for their app as they discuss its immanent end of life, the burden of ongoing costs and the surprisingly good (but challenging) experience they had building the app.

They sip a thick and sweet Blood Lust by Spring House Brewing while crying into the suds.

Blood Lust by Spring House Brewing Company


Nerds of Draft episode 049

Episode 079 — Tröegenator and Backups

Gabe and Jeff dip into the beer cellar and find a good beer for the start of cooler weather -- a bock beer by Tröeg's called Tröegenator. They also got into a deep discussion of what it means to back up your data, how many belts and suspenders you need and explore why photo management is so hard.

Episode 078 — Helluva Caucasian and Convenience Shopping

Buying things is fun. The Internet makes it ever more fun and, often unfortunately for one's wallet, maybe too easy. Gabe and Jeff explore the different ways the buy things from vendors on the Internet while sipping a strangely-named beer sent in from a listener -- Helluva Caucasian by Living The Dream Brewing.

Helluva Caucasian by Living the Dream Brewing


Show Notes


Other Ways to Spend Money