Blood Lust and the Death of TapCellar

Gabe and Jeff discuss the state of the App Store and how hard it is to sell an app like TapCellar or any app where money is involved. They "pour one out" for their app as they discuss its immanent end of life, the burden of ongoing costs and the surprisingly good (but challenging) experience they had building the app.

They sip a thick and sweet Blood Lust by Spring House Brewing while crying into the suds.

Blood Lust by Spring House Brewing Company


Nerds of Draft episode 049

Episode 079 — Tröegenator and Backups

Gabe and Jeff dip into the beer cellar and find a good beer for the start of cooler weather -- a bock beer by Tröeg's called Tröegenator. They also got into a deep discussion of what it means to back up your data, how many belts and suspenders you need and explore why photo management is so hard.

Episode 078 — Helluva Caucasian and Convenience Shopping

Buying things is fun. The Internet makes it ever more fun and, often unfortunately for one's wallet, maybe too easy. Gabe and Jeff explore the different ways the buy things from vendors on the Internet while sipping a strangely-named beer sent in from a listener -- Helluva Caucasian by Living The Dream Brewing.

Helluva Caucasian by Living the Dream Brewing


Show Notes


Other Ways to Spend Money

Episode 077 — Mosaic Promise and Devonthink

Gabe and Jeff do an epic, in-depth look at DEVONthink Pro Office and discuss how they use the tool that has become such a big part of their digital lives. Mosaic Promise by Founders provided the perfect sip-worthy backdrop for the discussion.

Episode 076 — Amazing She-Monster and Apple Apps

Gabe and Jeff discuss the usefulness of Apple's stock iOS apps. Which ones get daily use and which ones are better left in a folder somewhere? It turns out, Apple makes some good, but not perfect software and it takes a lot of discussion and sipping on a slightly-stale Amazing She-Monster by Spring House Brewing Company to hash things out.

Amazing She-Monster by Spring House Brewing Company


Due app
Fantastical 2
DevonThink to GO (wait for beta to be released)

Episode 075 — Nitro Coffee Stout and Budget Experiments

Gabe asks a lot of questions about Jeff's budget experiment where he tries to live on a small amount of money for six months. They talk about what he found on the journey to live with less. Diversions include a discussion about what seems important versus what really is important and how to approach big problems like an adult (as unfun as that sounds).

They kept the conversation smooth and lively while sipping a Nitro Coffee Stout by Boston Beer Company.

Nitro Coffee Stout by Boston Beer Company


Envelope budget method
Extreme saving - Mr MoneyMustache

Episode 074 — Thunder Foam and Our Favorite Things

Although they complain like cranky old men about a lot of stuff, Gabe and Jeff do like things. This podcast is proof as they discuss things they like ranging from physical objects to people, theories, places and ideas. Sipping on a Thunder Foam by Harpoon Brewery

Thunder Foam by Harpoon Brewery


Show Notes

Jeff's Faves

Favorite Bands - Hot Water Music / Guided By Voices / Radiohead
Favorite Fun Stuff - Making Beer
Favorite Beer - Dawson's Finest Sip of Sunshine
Favorite Tech - Macbook Air 13 / iPhone SE
Favorite/Most Interesting People - Chogyam Trungpa, David Foster Wallace

Gabe's Favorite New things

Salt server

Knife sharpener

Favorite iOS Apps

Tim's posts about 2Do and Drafts

Favorite old things
Harman Kardon Speakers
MacBook Pro

Book of lists

Cieplak Effect

Vic Secret Space Cake
Backwoods Bastard

Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
The Cure

R.B. Woodward

Episode 073 — G-Bot and Horace and Pete

Gabe and Jeff depart from their talk of task managers to delve into Louis CK's latest offering, Horace & Pete. It is an incredible show but it can be brutal in parts. They needed a calm, gentle IPA to guide them through it. The beer came in the form of a G-Bot by New England Brewing Company sent by an excellent listener.

G-Bot by New England Brewing Company

New England Brewing

NBC News
Horace and Pete - Wikipedia
WTFPod with Louis CK

Episode 072 — Sea Hag and Problems

Jeff and Gabe talk about where our systems break down, rough edges and friction. Not just the uber-nerdy task management stuff but also what needs to be fixed with travel, apps, photo management, banking, and life in general.

These problems all fade into the background when imbibing a nicely balanced Sea Hag by New England Brewery sent from a good friend of the show, Terry. Thanks, Terry.

Sea Hag by New England Brewing Company

Beer Advocate

Tesla Autopilot accident
Waze poisoning
Interact for iOS
OmniFocus Twitter Collaboration for Tasks
Evernote price increase

Episode 071 — Watermelon Dorado, Amorous and Our Devices

Gabe and Jeff subject themselves to perhaps the worst beer ever brewed but then switched gears to an excellent brew from Wicked Weed (although it is a sour so Gabe wasn't happy about it anyway). They talk about how their devices shape their lives by helping them find things, communicate and catalog their beer experiences.

Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point Brewing Company


Amorous by Wicked Weed Brewing Company


Episode 070 - Nugget Nectar and Habits

Good habits, bad habits, habits of mind — we all have habits. Gabe and Jeff discuss the value of habits and their downsides while sipping on an excellent beer by Tröeg's Brewing Company called Nugget Nectar.

They both wanted to make a habit of drinking this beer. It was excellent.

Nugget Nectar by Tröeg's Brewing Company


Show Notes - Asheville Breweries

Oskar Blues
Sierra Nevada
Wicked Weed
Green Man

Episode 069 — Prairie Bomb and Capture Tools

Gabe and Jeff talk about how they get text into their respective outboard memories.

BOMB! by Prairie Artisanal Ales


Show Notes

Dropbox post about layoffs and spending
Screens for iOS and Mac
Devonthink for Mac
Devonthink iOS beta
DEVONthink on Mac Power Users
Evernote CEO
Apple Notes
Scanner Pro by Readdle

Plain text

  • Dropbox syncing
  • Easy tagging
  • Concerns about the future of Dropbox
  • Information ambiguity
  • Too many inboxes
  • Easy reference

Episode 068 — Noble Rot and Our Favorite Movies

Gabe and Jeff go to the movies in this episode, discussing some of their favorite moments in the medium while sipping a fine Dogfish Head Noble Rot.

Noble Rot (Oak Aged) by Dogfish Head Brewing Company


Blade Runner
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Big Lebowski
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Groundhog Day on iTunes
Heavy Metal
Guardians of the Galaxy
Moonrise Kingdom
The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Miyazaki's Spirited Away [Blu-ray]
The Art of Spirited Away

Episode 067 — Ginger Big Eye and Free Time

What do you do with your free time? If you are Gabe or Jeff, you drink beer.

But obviously there are likely more things to do besides just drink beer so, in this episode, Jeff and Gabe go into what they do to fill in the time between work and sleep.

They have this discussion while sipping a strange brew by Ballast Point called Ginger Big Eye (sent from another fantastic listener).

Ginger Big Eye by Ballast Point Brewing


Episode 066 — Julius and Even More Task Management

Gabe and Jeff add to their evergreen discussion about what it takes to tackle task management these days. In what amounts to a "part two" of their discussion of 2Do and Taskpaper, this touches on some of the topics missed in the first go around as well as gives them to chance to drink a fantastic IPA sent in from a listener, fellow beer aficionado and TapCellar user (he has very good taste).

The Tree House Brewing Julius proves to be one hell of a tasty beer and one of the best IPAs around.

Julius by Tree House Brewing


NOD Episode 60: 2Do and Agave IPA

2Do for iOS (App Store)

2Do for Mac (App Store)

Taskmator for iOS (App Store)

TaskPaper for Mac

Omnifocus for iOS (App Store)

Omnifocus for Mac (App Store)

Episode 064 — Imperial Biscotti Break Natale and Browsers

Gabe and Jeff discuss the window to the Internet - the browser. Browsers are often overlooked when we think about our computer and yet for some (like my mother) the browser is the internet. Gabe talks about his iOS browser tips and tricks and they both profess their undying love for Pinboard.

Pervading the discussion is the rich chocolate and cherry smells of Evil Twin Brewing’s Imperial Biscotti Break Natale, a great beer which you can look up information about in your browser using the links below.

Imperial Biscotti Break Natale by Evil Twin Brewery


Episode 062 — Core Brewing and Having Friends

Gabe and Jeff discuss the value of having friends. When you're an old guy, finding friends can be a hard thing to do so the hosts talk about having friends, keeping friends, meeting friends and discovering friends in unlikely places.

They drink some beer sent to them by a friendly listener who thought they should sample the offerings of Core Brewing from Arkansas. One thing was made clear -- sharing beer is one of the best things about having friends.

Easy Livin' IPA and Oatmeal Stout by Core Brewing Company

Easy Livin' IPA

Oatmeal Stout

Episode 065 — Single Shot and Year End Reviews

The year has ended. A new year is well underway. While it is handy to look back on how things went, it is just as helpful to have things set up for the months ahead. Year-end reviews are common in the workplace but does it make sense to do it at home too?

Gabe and Jeff take a stab at talking about how they wrap up their year as well as how they document things to make the task of remembering the year easier. This gains importance as you become a forgetful old man sipping on a Single Shot by Tree House Brewing sent from an excellent patron of the podcast.

Single Shot by Tree House Brewing


Episode 061 — ReDANKulous and Moving On

Gabe and Jeff talk about moving on. It is a wide-ranging topic that started as a small, unassuming conversation about moving to a new neighborhood but fragmented into the concept of moving on with all of the things in your life.

Gabe needed to move on to a new mic before the podcast started due to weird noises so the duo ended up dealing with weird technical issues for the entire conversation. It didn't dim their enthusiasm for Founders Brewing's ReDANKulous, however.

Close your eyes, sip your delicious red ale and pretend they are broadcasting from the moon.

ReDANKulous by Founders Brewing Company